8 Safety Tips That Expert Landscapers Should Know to Keep Kids Safe

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Artificial Grass
8 Safety Tips That Expert Landscapers Should Know to Keep Kids Safe

Synthetic Grass is safest but if your artificial grass hasn’t been installed yet, here are some tips on keeping your kids while landscaping.

The sun’s back out from hibernation and on the brighter days of spring, we’re able to release our kids back outside to play and have fun. While they’re out, usually we are too… Albeit on our hands and knees for some lawn work. While we at Best Artificial Grass believe that synthetic grass can eliminate a laundry list of laborious maintenance, as well as safety and health hazards, we understand if you haven’t gotten around to installing your artificial grass. So here are 8 tips to make sure everyone is safe this season:

1. No Mowing with Your Kids Outside

In the United States, 800 children are injured each year because of lawn mowing related accidents. Whether mower blades are colliding with branches or rocks and hitting nearby children – or worse – this should be the rule of thumb.

2. Never Let Kids Play With or Around the Mower

Aside from the sharp blades below, even while turned off after use the exhaust of a mower can cause severe burns.

3. No Sidecars Means No Passengers

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests a push mower age of 12 years old and a riding mower age of 16 years old. As adorable it is for kids to catch a ride while you mow your lawn, it won’t be as cute if they lose their balance and fall off.

4. Keep the Hard Surfaces Dry

Wet concrete, marble, and ceramic tile are slippery when wet. Aim your automatic sprinklers toward the grass.

5. Keep Your Lawn Chemical Free

Traditional lawn care products are toxic to people and the environment. Going all natural is simple: Don’t mow your lawn as often, leave clippings behind, and weed-out your garden by hand.

6. If You Must Use Chemicals, Keep Kids Away

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and don’t let kids play on freshly applied solution for at least 24 hours. Exposure to these toxins can cause permanent damage. Keep your chemicals locked.

7. Check the Lawn for Dangerous Objects

Debris from all kinds of sources can make its way into your yard. Before the kids go out to play, make sure that your lawn is clear of anything harmful that might look interesting to them.

8. Make the Best Decision for Your Family

No watering, no chemicals, no-emission upkeep – Best Artificial Grass’ landscaping products can save you money, maintenance and potential mishaps.

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Refreshing Synthetic Turf Trends That Are Turning Your Insides – Out!

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Artificial Grass
Refreshing Synthetic Turf Trends That Are Turning Your Insides – Out!

Up the walls, across your tables, and under your feet – designers are coming up with unexpected ways to brighten work spaces with artificial lawn.

Throughout the years our species has become more and more cooped up within the boundaries of walls. Subways, apartments, office spaces… there are days where we barely get a taste of nature because of the current demands of our survival. The most innovative designers are seeking a solution to reconnect humans to the soothing effects of nature, by integrating synthetic turf into the places where we spend the most time – office spaces – across the country and beyond.

Centro, Chicago

Best Fake Grass Landscape for Offices

Centro Offices in Chicago, Photographed by Tom Harris – Hedrich Blessing Photographers

In the Chicago offices of Centro, Partners by Design found a way to bring the outdoors in by creating ‘parks’ to break up monotony in the digital advertising company’s space. They juxtapose synthetic turf against clean, softly-shaped chrome and leather fixtures to create harmony between the ‘natural’ and crafted.

Recreate the look with MegaPlay Go

ECommPay, Riga

Fake Grass - Green Office Setting in Riga, Latvia

ECommPay Offices in Riga, Latvia Photographed by Olivier Dassance Photography

ECommPay, the payment solutions provider based in Latvia, commissioned Katz Interiors to harness nature’s balancing powers, softening the hard edges of their modern, geometric space. Scattering artificial ‘living walls’ in the most unexpected intimate settings, and mounting floor to ceiling (and wall to wall) soundproof call rooms, accomplish the goal.

Tune, San Francisco

Tune Office Space Made of Artificial Putting Greens

Tune Offices in San Francisco, CA. Photographed by Caroline Tudor

Online mobile marketing tech company, Tune, has an office as eclectic as the company itself. Crushed blue velvet sofas, glass dividing walls, exposed brick and their very own grown up playground, complete with functional chair swings in their communal workspace. In what can be a very demanding industry, designer Miranda Lee Morgan sprinkles opportunities for fun throughout the office. It’s not uncommon to be inched in the hallway by Crazy Carts driving past the indoor putting green. Truly a space that caters to the well-being of its employees.

Merkle/Periscopix, London

Neat Outdoor Office Space Made of Synthetic Turf

Merkle/Periscpix, Photographed by Thomas Fallon

The outdoors redesigned – that’s definitely the feeling as you walk past a tidy forest of vertical wood panels, triangle green seating in the common room, and zigzag glass tiles mimicking peaks, valleys and water in one fell swoop. From the imaginations of ThirdWay Interiors, the space uses artificial grass in a typical setting – outdoors under tables and chairs. But the experience of the space altogether contributes to Merkle/Peiscopix’ goal of an environmentally friendly space that promotes productivity.

The ROI of an office space that caters to optimizing productivity and mental well-being of the people within it, is invaluable. It’s the reason why large, demanding companies like Google, YouTube and Amazon invest millions of dollars in the spaces where they expect employees to spend most of their time in. They are changing the mindset of ‘needing’ to be at work to ‘wanting’ – and it’s a strategy that clearly works.

Get the million-dollar look without breaking the bank, click here to calculate the cost of your artificial grass instantly and break ground on your new, modern office space.

Do’s and Dont’s for your Artificial Turf In San Diego

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Artificial Grass
Do’s and Dont’s for your Artificial Turf In San Diego

While it is true that Artificial Turf, or artificial grass is virtually maintenance-free, understand that this is because that by virtue of it being synthetic, the grass will never grow.

And if the grass will never grow, you will never have to mow or cut them. You will never have to water or fertilize them. Never! Ever! In the past year or so, Artificial Turf in San Diego has made more and more people in San Diego give up their lawn mowers. They are now enjoying their pristine garden 24/7.

Truth be told, artificial lawn will need some care, albeit minimal if you want to make the most out of your investment. I say investment because it is a one-time expense, with benefits that will last a very long long time. The Best Artificial Grass in San Diego in fact will last you 10 years! At the very least. And that is why they are giving a 10 year warranty!

Think of your artificial grass as something similar to the flooring inside your home. Be it hard-wood flooring, marble, carpet or tiles, your artificial grass will still need a bit of care just to make sure that it is clean and free from dust and bacteria.

Trading in your lawn mower, water hose and even your rain boots for simple tools is a no-brainer. Occasional washing and dusting is peanuts compared to regularly, and frequently having to tend to your natural grass.

To be able to maximize the benefits of artificial grass, we have compiled a concise list of the
Do’s and Dont’s for your Artificial Grass at home:


1. Keep your leaf blower and rake. You will still need these to make things a whole lot easier for you. These are inexpensive tools that will make cleaning your artificial grass easy as pie!

2. Once in awhile you will need to clear your artificial grass of surface debris like leaves in order to keep your grass clean. You may have artificial grass but the trees and plants around your lawn will most like be real. These real plants will have falling leaves. Those you need to clear. They won’t disappear like magic.

3. Clean the artificial turf on a regular basis to avoid dust accumulation. Some say that cleaning your grass once every three months is enough depending of course on your use.

If you have pets, you need to clean the artificial grass more often. It will also depend on the weather. This will depend on whether you live in a dusty place like a desert or in a place where it snows. But practically speaking, dust accumulation is easy to clean.

4. For general cleaning, you may wash your entire lawn with mild soap and water. Then you can just let the grass out to dry.


1. Don’t worry about the heat. Some worry that the artificial grass will absorb heat and increase the temperature of your surroundings. What is nice about Best Artificial Grass in San Diego is that it has a technology called Kool Max which guarantees to “dissipate heat buildup and reduce fiber emissivity” by around 15% compared to similar products.

2. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or chemicals on your artificial turf. Most artificial turf in San Diego are stain-resistant. But a stain is a stain. And stains need to be cleaned. But stains and spills on artificial turf are easier to clean. Spills can best be cleaned by just plain mild soap and water. A popular but effective home remedy of mixing one half vinegar and one half water will go a long way in keeping your artificial grass bacteria free.

3. Do not let spills linger. These spills are easiest to take out when they are still in liquid form. For tough stains like bubble gum, immediately remove it.

4. Do not use a griller on top of your artificial grass. It is possible for grass burns to occur due to smoldering charcoal from grills or fire pits. The best way to avoid these accidents is to keep the area for grilling away from the artificial grass.

But if an accident happens, do not worry. Call Best Artificial Grass, the authority in artificial turf in San Diego.They can easily repair the damage.

There really isn’t a lot of precautions to keep in mind when taking care of artificial grass. The benefits of switching from natural grass to artificial grass are immeasurable. The very time you
save, and the water that does not go to waste will not make you think twice about signing up with the best artificial turf supplier. At Best Artificial Grass in San Diego, they will take care of all your artificial grass requirements. They have over 70 grass types to choose from.

Call them today at (877) 796-8873 or visit their website.

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5 Things you Should Know Before Installing your Best Artificial Grass in San Diego

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Artificial Grass
5 Things you Should Know Before Installing your Best Artificial Grass in San Diego

The water “crisis” in California has been a favorite subject for the past years. The population growth, drought caused by El Nino, and “historical over-drafting of the water resources” has resulted in the basic problem of demand for water exceeding supply. California, particularly San Diego is essentially a desert. Summer months have been extended and the rains are a few and far between.

Because of this heightened awareness for the urgent need for water conservation, more and more residents of San Diego are looking for ways to save water.

Take for example, California American Water customers have reported that in response to the call of the government to reduce water consumption, 9 billion gallons of water from June 1,
2015 to May 31,
2016 have been saved!

There are statewide restrictions in place that include among others schedules for sprinkler use for residences and the mandatory ban on
oflawns 48 hours after rainfall. The restriction also bans the watering of ornamental grass on public medians!

Measures like these point to the fact that maintaining natural grass is not only bad for the environment but very costly in the long run as well. The government is strictly enforcing regulation to limit water use for public landscapes.

Best Artificial Grass in San Diego offers the best alternative to having natural grass in your backyard, sports stadium or public parks. Recently there has been an increase in homeowners who have
made the wise choice!

But before you make the big switch to artificial grass, you must ask yourself these 5 basic questions:

1. How much is your budget?

At Best Artificial Grass in San Diego, there are over 70 different types of grass to choose from. One must determine how much you are willing to spend for a project like this.

Each type of grass has its own specific purpose and look. Your budget will help you determine what type of grass you will have installed.

However, keep in mind that whatever type of grass you decide, you must consider that the cost is just a one-time fee. Your initial investment is probably the only cost you will ever have because Best Artificial Grass in San Diego is virtually maintenance-free. There are no monthly recurring expenses to maintain your grass. Since it is synthetic, it requires no watering, no cutting, and no fertilizing.

2. What is your main use for your grass?

Do you have pets? If you do, there is a specific line of grass that is pet-friendly. The key there is the technology used for the draining of liquids. Best Artificial Grass in San Diego uses FLO-RITE-THRU Technology that lets liquids drain straight through ensuring an odor-free, clean and safe environment for your furry pals.

You also don’t have to worry about your pets being muddy, dirty and wet after playing in your garden.

If you are the golf-addict homeowner who would like to practice your putting skills in the comforts of your own home, Best Artificial Grass in San Diego has the perfect grass type for you! If you
soccer fan, there are grass types that can survive your soccer cleats.

For those who just want a landscape that’s ornamental and beautiful to look at all year round, the varieties to choose from are as varied as the tea from China.

3. What accessories does one need to install and maintain artificial grass?

The installation of artificial grass usually includes all the accessories to complete the task. These includes turf glue, turf staples, bender boards, organic infill and lawn pads to name a few. They also even have artificial green sand to complete the look!

However, while these synthetic turf require zero-maintenance there is an accessory worth buying to enhance the overall experience. Best Artificial Grass of San Diego offers the Fresh Cut spray. It captures the freshness of freshly cut grass. Anytime you want it.

4. What look do you want to achieve for your lawn?

If you think one grass is the same as the other, think again! Technically speaking, there are differences in pile height, face weight, cut, color, color combination and even heat absorption capacity.

You might want to bring a picture of the natural grass version that you want for your backyard. Best Artificial Grass in San Diego can find a perfect match for you.

5. How long is the warranty offered?

Not all companies that sell artificial grass offer the same warranty. Some offer only 5 years. The better ones offer up to 10 years! Be sure to ask about the company’s policy on warranty, including the coverage before signing up for installation.

Now, armed with these tips you are ready to make the switch. Visit Best Artificial Grass San Diego office or give us a call today! (877) 796-8873

Choosing the Best Artificial Grass in Dallas: What every homeowner should know

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Artificial Grass
Choosing the Best Artificial Grass in Dallas: What every homeowner should know

Slowing down global warming is top on everyone’s agenda. El Nino which causes unusually hot weather and
drought brings with it catastrophic effects. El Nino is a climate cycle in the Pacific Ocean which affects the world.

As citizens of Mother Earth, we must do our share in slowing down global warming. Water conservation is 1 step that everyone can take an active part in.

Did you know that the average American family uses about 320 gallons of precious water each day? Of that 320 gallons, 30% of that is used to water lawns and gardens!

In many parts of the US, more and more people are turning to more high impact ways to help with water conservation. The use of artificial grass is a growing trend. It’s interesting to know that it is believed that the first artificial grass was actually first used for a sports area in Texas. Lucky for us since The Best Artificial Grass is found in Dallas, Texas.

There is a growing number of households, sports areas and playgrounds using artificial grass. There are only a few who can offer you the best deal! If you think all grass are “created” equal, think again! Best Artificial Grass in Dallas offers not one but numerous different grass designs to choose from! With their extensive product offering, one must be guided in order to get the most out of your artificial grass experience.

When shopping around for artificial grass suppliers every homeowner must consider few things before deciding on which company to sign up with:

1. Budget

You must remember to think of having artificial grass as a long term investment. While the initial cost to have artificial grass installed is more than your usual live grass, think of all
long term benefits you will reap with this good decision.

People who have artificial grass in their homes will tell you that in the long
run , it is not only more cost efficient, the but the convenience it brings cannot be ignored.

Imagine having a lush, clean and green yard all year long without having to water, mow and clean. Ever! You will have more time to relax and enjoy your time at home with your family.

In the area of Dallas, Texas there are several suppliers of artificial grass. But you must remember to choose a supplier who can offer you the best deal, including a warranty. Some give warranty but the warranty is only for a few years. Make sure you decide on one that gives a warranty of at least 10 years.

After sales service, while virtually unnecessary should be available to you. I say “virtually unnecessary”
good artificial grass is practically maintenance free!

2. Technology

Do you have a pet? It is every pet owner’s dream to have a lawn that is pet-friendly.
There are artificial grass that dogs cannot dig. And because artificial grass does not come with any soil, your dog stays clean and odor-free.

Who would have thought that one can actually “grow”
artificial grass. To have a grass that you will never have to water is simply awesome! Isn’t is amazing that it is available already today! The future is now!

Having a good drainage system is also the key. Some artificial grass keeps the liquid then it just simply saturates it. The better
ones makes sure that the liquid drains right away making sure that your area stays dry, odor and bacteria free.

When deciding on a supplier, find out how their drainage works.

Some artificial grass available can also help
temperature lower by as much as 15%. This is possible by the grass reflecting the sunlight thus decreasing heat build-up. This is perfect for the hot summers in places like Dallas, Texas!

Many people like the smell of fresh cut grass. If you are one of them, you won’t believe that you can enjoy this all year round. And you don’t even have to mow your lawn to get a whiff of that scent.

Companies like Best Artificial Grass in Dallas, Texas offer products with “fresh-cut technology for the zero maintenance, year-round green, beautifully smelling, freshly clean lawn”.

3. Design

There are different lengths of grass, the countless cuts of grass that are available and you won’t believe the different colors in the market. Light green, dark green, medium green with shades of brown, Light brown, dark brown and all the shades in between.

It may seem unimportant to the homeowner, but the cut of grass and the color or mix of colors of the grass blades has an impact on the overall look of your garden.

And because you have made a decision to do your part in saving our Earth, reward yourself with a beautiful lawn all year round.

Just be sure that your decision is a well-made one. After all these artificial grasses should last you a long time.

To help you make the right choice, be sure to go to a trusted company like Best Artificial Grass in Dallas. They can
find a best match for you. They can even send you free samples.

Make the lifestyle change now! Call them at (877) 796-8873 or send them an email info@bestartificialgrass.com.

An Environmentally Friendly Alternative For Your Artificial Turf in Dallas

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Artificial Grass
An Environmentally Friendly Alternative For Your Artificial Turf in Dallas

At this point in the world’s history there is much ado about global warming. Flooding in places where this was not experienced before have been recorded. And on the other hand, prolonged seasons without enough rain has resulted in huge losses to the agricultural sector. Many of us have experienced first-hand the wrath of Mother Nature. Most of these changes in the ecosystem are said to be man-made.

And because the future belongs to our children, we need to do our part in saving our world. Their world. NOW!

Just this century, the state of Texas has gone from severe drought to relief to extreme flooding to drought again in 2007-2008. It happened again in 2010, according to statistics compiled by Weather.com

The Drought Monitor analysis in the past 15 years shows that there was an unprecedented shift from drought to flood to drought again all within a span of about five months like what has occurred in 2015.

Given that widespread drought has affected many parts of the America, including Texas, we need to be more mindful every time we turn on the tap. A lot of water is used to water lawns in homes and commercial establishments. Behind every good landscaping and competition-worthy sports arena is a grass maintenance routine involving a lot of time and water.

Thankfully, Artificial Turf is very much available. Artificial grass or artificial turf
is Eco-friendly. And the best artificial grass can be found here in Dallas, Texas. Here are 3 reasons why using artificial grass can help save the world.

1. Water savings

Take for example the conservation of water. Did you know that in the entire United States, statistics reveal that in order to maintain its landscape, a total of 9 billion gallons per day
is used. That’s 1/3 of all the water used by residences.

2. Pesticide Free

Which brings us to the other reason why you should switch.

You work so hard and you want to come home to your own private oasis. As a homeowner, you really want the best for your house and your garden. But the monetary cost of maintaining a good landscape is not the only thing one must consider. There is a heightened awareness for all things organic. But in order to keep pests away from
greens this can only be achieved with the use of pesticides.

With artificial grass, you wouldn’t need to spray pesticides to keep your grass verdant green!

Philip Landrigan, dean for global health and professor of pediatrics at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York said, people are not aware of the hazards that the unthinking use of pesticides poses to their children.

Children receive much higher exposures to these chemicals than adults do, just through normal daily activity, Landrigan says. Because children are growing quickly, “they take into their bodies more of the pesticides that are in the food,
water and air,
” he says.

“They also roll around in the grass and put their fingers in their mouths, which greatly increases exposure.”

Having artificial grass means you will never have to use these dangerous chemicals on your lawn.
As parents we really need to go the extra mile to make sure our children are safe.

Aside from the benefits to the environment, you can also enjoy extra me-time.

Instead of mowing the lawn you can just sit back and enjoy your new extra time. You skip having to water and cut the grass. Add to this, you don’t have to sweep the cut grass after.

If you hire a professional to maintain your landscape, this is direct savings for you. This also allows gives you more time to do other things with your family. Like play and roll on your perfect grass. Every day of the year! Virtually maintenance-free!

Clean, well-manicured lawn all year round, no matter the weather is possible. What is good about this is that while you are enjoying your beautiful landscape, or enjoying a game in the neighborhood sports field, you know that you have contributed in savings water by using the best artificial grass there is.

3. Less smog-forming emission

Most grass mowers are powered by gas. The sound of these mechanical beasts can be quite irritating. Not just hazardous to the eardrums, these mowers emit a lot of smog-forming emissions. In a study conducted by Sweden’s Stockholm University in the early 2000’s say that an “hour’s worth of mowing resulted in the same amount of smog-forming emissions as driving a car 93 miles”!

The good news is with Artificial Turf in Dallas, residents can know get rid of those bulky mowers.

Artificial Turf in Dallas, you will find experts in these special products! Contact Best Artificial Grass at 877-796-8873. You may also email them at info@bestartificialgrass.com. They can send you free samples from their extensive selection of grass. At Best Artificial Grass, they also have this technology called Flo-Rite to help reduce heat in your garden. Go with the Artificial turf in Dallas! Call Best Artificial Grass today!


5 Reasons Why Residents Prefer Artificial Turf in Phoenix

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Artificial Grass
5 Reasons Why Residents Prefer Artificial Turf in Phoenix

If you haven’t been to Phoenix before, you’d be surprised at how green its neighborhoods are. People from outside Phoenix think that the hot and dry climate of Phoenix is the kind of climate that could only grow native cacti, there’s a surprisingly diverse plant ecosystem in Phoenix that residents enjoy.

Phoenix has a subtropical desert climate. There’s only a select number of plant species that can grow in the hot and sunny Phoenix climate, and that includes – you guessed it – cactus. Even so, with the help of sufficient irrigation in the area, Phoenix residents were able to import plants, such as natural turf that grows naturally in cooler areas.

Growing foreign plants in areas with harsh climates such as Phoenix requires an extensive effort to compensate for the difference in the natural habitat of the foreign plant. Natural grass grows in areas that receive precipitation, and residents in Phoenix would need to match the same conditions in order to make grass grow.

Thankfully, there is a better way to achieve a luscious green turf without the hassle of growing natural grass. A growing number of Phoenix residents are now turning to artificial turf to decorate their lawns.

Here are 5 reasons why residents prefer artificial turf in Phoenix:

1. Artificial turf is DURABLE

When was the last time you were really able to use your lawn area for other activities? Time to take the KEEP OFF THE GRASS sign off and enjoy your lawn area! Artificial turf is made from a combination of realistic plastic leaf blades with rubber infills. With artificial grass, you can maximize your outdoor space without thinking about the damage that foot traffic would make to your lawn!

2. Artificial turf is child-friendly

When was the last time you let your kids play rough in the grass? In addition to maximizing your outdoor spaces, you can also turn your lawn into a safe play area for your children with the use of artificial turf. A special kind of artificial turf can be used to increase cushion for added safety for children.

3. Artificial turf is affordable to maintain

While natural grass is more affordable to purchase, the cost to maintain is definitely much more expensive than artificial turf. Maintaining natural grass requires pesticide, fertilizer, petrol, lawn care equipment, water, and of course – hours and hours of work. Given the harsh climate conditions in Phoenix, maintaining grass is even harder to accomplish. Grass in Phoenix requires fertilizer, regular mowing, and more water compared to the same variant in a different state. Natural grass also
need to be cycled between Bermuda grass during summer, and Rye grass during winter. With artificial turf, you get beautiful green grass all-year-long without the hassle of irrigation, lawn mowing, fertilizers, and pesticides.

4. Artificial turf stays pristine all-year-long

Don’t you just hate it when you get brown patches
in your turf? Fixing brown patches could take weeks or even months, and sometimes blemishes on your yard grow bigger for no apparent reason. With artificial turf, you would not have to worry about that at all. Artificial grass stays green all year long no matter the weather and the maintenance you do.

5. Artificial turf fits perfectly in landscape design

In a city as populated as Phoenix, many houses appear to look the same. Without anything short of radical, your property would not be noticed by others without giving it a second look. Landscape designers love artificial turf because it fits seamlessly into any design that they come up with. It’s definitely lighter and more stable than natural grass, which allows it to be incorporated into many designs that feature sharp cuts and curves, which would definitely capture the attention of anyone who looks at your property.

Artificial turf in Phoenix is not just a hit among residents, but also among real estate investors. As the popularity of artificial turf in Phoenix grows, the value of properties that feature artificial grass grows as well. Properties with artificial grass are oftentimes preferred by buyers, even with the added premium cost because of the artificial turf installation. Real estate investors and property flippers understand that adding artificial turf to a property increases its value and desirability to individuals looking for properties in Phoenix.

Looking to beautify your home with high-quality artificial grass? We got ’em for you! Best Artificial Grass is your one-stop-shop for all of your artificial turf needs. From artificial turf materials to the equipment needed to install artificial turf, we have them all for you. Get a FREE ESTIMATE today from one of our experts! Visit our website at www.bestartificialgrass.com or call us at (877)-796-8873.

The REAL Cost of Keeping Grass Green in Phoenix

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Artificial Grass
The REAL Cost of Keeping Grass Green in Phoenix

Maintaining healthy, green grass is a major struggle for homeowners everywhere. The cost to maintain green grass has shot up exponentially since 2011, when drought in many areas started, and still continues up to the present time. The resources used to maintain lawns have also been limited due to the drought – so much that the local government in many areas have implemented guidelines on how to conserve water for irrigation purposes.

Grass maintenance is even more of a problem for people living in extremely dry areas, such as Phoenix. Arizona is currently experiencing one of the driest seasons on record, and the drought is greatly affecting the quality of green grass in Phoenix and in other cities.

Phoenix has a subtropical desert climate, which by nature is supposed to be inhabitable for green grass to grow. However, with extensive irrigation, fertilizers, and pesticides, grass types such as Bermuda grass and Rye grass could be grown in Phoenix. The city offers one of the harshest environments for green grass to grow. Phoenix has long, extremely hot summers, and it also has the hottest average high temperatures of any major city in the United States. These conditions only affect the viability of green grass to grow in Phoenix, and while it is still possible to maintain healthy grass in Phoenix, the climate in the area should give you an idea of what it takes to keep the grass healthy all-year-round.

Expensive preservation and maintenance for non-native grass

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is one of the most resilient types of grass against dry and hot climates, which makes it one of the top choices for Phoenix residents. Bermuda grass can survive in the harsh Phoenix climate provided that it is given ample water throughout its life cycle. Typically, Bermuda grass only needs to be watered every three days, but due to the intense heat and drought that the area is experiencing, it is recommended to water Bermuda grass at least once every two days, and even more frequent if you are using fertilizers. The heat tends to dry the soil out during the day, so water your grass early in the morning, or at night to allow the soil to soak up the water. Given the intense heat, there’s really no way to tell if the soil is still damp after a long, hot day, other than to drive a piece of stick or rod to the ground to see if it goes in at least 6 inches without much trouble. If not, you should water your grass again to prevent it from drying out. Bermuda grass typically enters a dormant period during the winter, where it becomes dormant. Some Phoenix residents choose to take this opportunity and plant Rye grass, which makes for a nice, winter grass.

Rye Grass

Rye grass is typically grown in Phoenix during winter, when Bermuda grass becomes dormant. Rye grass cannot survive in the intense Phoenix summer heat, and it needs to be replanted every fall, typically between the second and third week of October. Rye grass is typically overseeded with dormant Bermuda grass. Water Rye grass every 3-5 days, during nighttime. Rye grass quickly dies out as soon as the climate warms again to more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, typically at the time of the year when Bermuda grass starts to grow again.

Key points:

1. Water Bermuda grass every two days, preferably at night or early in the morning.

2. Increase watering intervals when using fertilizer

3. Check soil moisture every day

4. (optional) seed with Rye grass during winter

5. Water Rye grass every 3-5 days

Best Artificial Grass in Phoenix

Artificial grass is arguably the best choice for homeowners and businesses in Phoenix. The maintenance for natural grass lawns cost households thousands of dollars every year for fertilizer, pesticide, irrigation, lawn equipment and the hours spent taking care of the lawn. The best artificial grass in Phoenix is the lawn fixture of choice for homeowners and businesses alike as it does not need as much care and maintenance as natural grass does, and it stays green all-year-long. Artificial grass is quickly gaining popularity as more and more homeowners and businesses realize that the best artificial grass in Phoenix is the practical solution for their lawn needs.

Best Artificial Grass is your one-stop-shop for all of your artificial grass needs. We provide high-quality artificial grass for home, business, or sports. To get a FREE QUOTE from one of our landscaping experts, visit our website at www.bestartificialgrass.com or call us at (877)-796-8873.

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