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A Presidential Residential Lawn

‘Fake Grass’ isn’t what it used to be. Popularized in the 1960’s, the artificial lawn has come a long way from the shiny, rough confetti around your house. With advances in blade technology, infill, and synthetic lawn backing, the savvy homeowner now has a wide variety of realistic looking and hassle-free options -Best Artificial Grass has them all. How will our grass change your life? Explore the difference our grass makes and order a sample today!

Was the Grass Always Greener on Our Side?

Having grass around your home was as organic as the pastoral fields surrounding homes in Northern Europe around the 1500’s. It was a way of life. That tradition of having a perfectly kept lawn, however, used to be reserved for aristocracy -and we can all imagine why. Maintaining a full, green lawn was a full-time job. Even in our day and age, this aspect of lawn ownership is inescapable. Fertilizing, weeding, mowing a residential landscape takes up tens of thousands of dollars and years off our life that we can never get back. There’s an easier way.

More Than the Thing at Your Feet

BBQ’s, backyard weddings, birthday parties and more -The backdrop of many of our Western traditions today are set against vibrant green grass. Having the space that we can call our own to host many of life’s most special events down to the most intimate moments, shouldn’t be a luxury that constantly sucks up our time and money. With hundreds of blade design, pile height, face weight and color combinations, Best Artificial Grass makes it easy for you to select the one that matches your lifestyle.

Synthetic lawns are great for

  • Independent living senior citizens

Nearly 30% of senior citizens in the United States live independently, maintaining the home that they earned and loved throughout the years on their own. Your beloved seniors shouldn’t be wasting their money or energy on pulling weeds and mowing lawns. Best Artificial Grass products can exude the same calming effects of a natural lawn, without the potential hazards involved with the labor. Our senior loved ones deserve better! Pick your perfect grass!

  • Families with small children

What it means to have a ‘natural lawn’ nowadays does not necessarily mean ‘organic.’ There are many toxic chemicals in fertilizers, pesticide sprays as well as the emissions involved in using a lawnmower. How can something that is a part of our home be so hostile towards our families? It doesn’t have to be.  An artificial lawn is a safe and beautiful alternative to a natural lawn and best of all – Best Artificial Grass lawn is lead-free! Pick your perfect grass!

  • Parents to pet babies

Our pets are more than just companions and entertainment, they are our family… a family who eat our food and can’t clean up after themselves! Best Artificial Grass has the perfect fake grass pet turf that is equipped with a moisture-wicking secondary backing that’s 4x more permeable than our regular grass products, and won’t erode with every wash. Cleaning up after your pet can be quick and easy. Pick your perfect grass!

  • Modern landscape enthusiasts

Time is precious – you’re not wasting it on anything that won’t enrich your life. Our savvy clients who want the lush look of a manicured lawn but don’t have the time and don’t want to waste the money, know the value of a Best Artificial Grass investment. Our realistic grass is so chic, it deserves a feature in lifestyle magazines! Pick your perfect grass!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Still wondering if our grass products are for you? We don’t blame you. Artificial grass is an investment that should be carefully thought out. To help you out, here are some frequently asked questions we get from friends that become family:

How long will my grass live

  • Best Artificial Grass products are built to last as long as about 20-25 years, with proper care and minimal maintenance.

What should I look for in choosing artificial grass?

  • Depending on what you need and how it will be used, you can check which blade type and face weight (density) work for you.

Really, what kind of maintenance is there?

  • Like anything that sits outside and can collect dust, we suggest an occasional hosing down to keep it clean. A rejuvenation service (DIY) is also suggested once a year.

Can I get a custom size?

  • Yes! We have 15-foot roll options that can be cut at 1-100 foot increments. Some cut to specification options may be available, please contact us at for more information.

Does this have a bad plastic smell?

  • We integrate EverFresh technology during installation, which is a sprayed on your grass to make it smell like the real thing. For product information about EverFresh, please click here.

Can mud seep through product if put directly on top of the soil?

  • We do not suggest putting the product directly on the soil, because the soil does turn into mud when mixed with water. Our grass is waterproof, meaning it will not absorb water, however, a reservoir can still accumulate without proper infill.

How do I seam the grass together?

  • Grass tape available for purchase at home hardware stores is a good option for putting the seam of our grass together.

Is the grass waterproof?

  • Yes, it is. Our grass is made of synthetic material and therefore does not absorb water.

Does this product get hot in direct sunlight or weather?

  • Our blades are designed to diffuse sunlight and reduce the grass’ overall temperature by 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is this really non-toxic?

  • Yes! We take pride in the quality of our lead-free products. We are also currently undergoing studies to create a fully sustainable turf that will reduce our carbon footprint. Please refer to our documentation for the product specifications.

Didn’t find the answer to your burning questions? We’re here to serve! Contact us at and we would be happy to help! Ready to shop click here!

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