Synthetic Turf for Sports Fields

Synthetic Turf that’s Best in its Field, and On Yours

When it comes to maximizing the safety and performance of your little leaguers and seasoned athletes, we understand that there can be no compromises. We take the same approach in the production of our grass from our individual blade design to infill and synthetic turf installation, because we put people first. No, fake turf isn’t real grass but that’s how we’re able to amp up our turf’s superpowers with responsive and durable blades that bend with every goal, touchdown, and home run – and then spring back up when you do. Can real grass do that? We don’t think so. That’s why for the past ten years we’ve been the number one choice by clubs, leagues, and academies in outfitting their fields with synthetic turf that can keep up.

The Connection Between Player Safety and Field Conditions

Miles of drills and hours of training – you demand a lot out of your athletes because you understand that with every moment invested in practice will come perfection. Our artificial grass goes through the same rigorous testing that pushes beyond government standards because like you, for every time we’ve pushed through our limits, we’ve only become stronger. So by the time our grass is under your feet, you’re already part of a winning team built on endurance, perseverance, and trust.

Our game plan to maximize sports safety lies in the layers of our artificial grass and the industry’s best practice in synthetic turf installation. Our blade designs feature rivets and curls that not only help with sports agility but with hindering slips that can overextend muscles and joints that take your valuable players off the field. Our grass has two layers of primary backing assisting your team with a stronger base and a variety of infill options that fit your traction needs.

Best Industry Practices, Preventing Injuries

Sports can get rough on its own, and while no fake turf company can guarantee 100% injury-free sports, the last thing you want is for the thing at your feet to be the cause of severe injuries. Here are three things to include in your installation specifications to maximize shock and impact absorption:

  1. At least 3 lbs of sand infill per square foot
  2. At least 3 lbs of rubber infill per square foot
  3. A total of 1.5” of infill depth

Designed to Outperform:

  • Golf

MegaMasters Series

We can’t improve your swing but we can optimize your game with a crafted putting green, designed to be smooth and firm that contributes to overall green speed. Our turf helps you regulate the speed of your putting green consistently throughout, giving you up to 15 feet of green speed with infill, and 9-10 feet without.


Work on your game without the cart, club or green fees with MegaMasters Putt. This versatile grass is perfect for backyard putting greens and bocce ball courts and can be installed on your own or with from a professional.


This high quality green with a fuller face weight is the premiere choice for golf courses across the country. MegaMasters Swing is now also made accessible for residential use, so you can get the feel of a private course just footsteps from your back door.

  • Football


Train all year round with no grass stains or rain delays. BlitzTurf is designed for low impact, touch-and-go traction that’s easy on your joints but resilient and durable. Perfect for sporting needs that demand the highest performance.

Five Misconceptions About Sports Turf:

  • Crumb Rubber Infill is a Must

If your child has played little league sports and came back with tiny black pellets rolling off them, then you know what crumb rubber is. It is believed that crumb rubber adds to the shock absorbency quality of artificial turf, but at Best Artificial Grass, we’ve created better, eco-friendly solutions that won’t make the surface of your turf hot – and will keep your cleats clean! See infill options.

  • Turf Gets Too Hot

Logically, the surface of any synthetic material under the sun will get hot. However, anticipating this reality and carefully considering the applications of our sports turf, we’ve crafted sophisticated blades that regulate surface temperatures not only to uphold the integrity of our artificial turf but for the protection of the athletes above it.

  • It’s Unhealthy

Once upon a time at the onset of artificial grass production in the 1960’s, first generation turf had short-pile fibers without infill and were manufactured with traces of silica dust, zinc and heavy metals. Artificial grass technology has come a long way since then. Best Artificial Grass produces lead-free products that are safe for both humans and animals alike. The maintenance will also require NO pesticides, NO fertilizers and NO harmful emissions associated with lawn mowing.

  • Will Wear Easily

Where do you see yourself in 25 years? On your own private island, surrounded by your loved ones, playing unlimited rounds of golf? No matter where you see yourself, Best Artificial Grass turfs withstand the tests of time, and like you, will look just as good in 25 years with minimal maintenance.

  • It’s Blindingly Fake Looking

Our blades are designed to be as least reflective as possible, have multicolored thatches and intricate designs to take away from the ‘plastic-y, unconvincing look of artificial grasses of the past. So everyone can focus on what’s really important – what’s going on on top of the grass, instead of the grass itself.

How Much Grass is Too Much Grass?

We say, the more the merrier, but really, you should get exactly what you want in the specifications you need. We couldn’t make it any easier to calculate your square footage, simply draw a line around your the area you need outfitted in this fun square footage calculator.

When you’re ready to give your team the advantage that they need, to play their best game in the safest way possible, we’ll help you calculate the investment for installation, materials and labor costs. Click here for your free quote!

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