If you love to keep your yard green and drought-tolerant, artificial grass is the best option to consider. Maintaining natural lawn when water supplies are short, is expensive. In a hot climate, grass needs more care and attention, which means water bills increase whenever the summertime kicks in. If there is no sufficient supply of water, the chances are your lawn will be in a poor state as the soil would dry out and limit the root zone of the turf from absorbing the essential nutrients. It’s time to choose artificial grass! Synthetic turf creates an attractive lawn with virtually no maintenance or watering.
With artificial grass, you will never have to water your lawn all the time that’s why you don’t need sprinklers or any irrigation systems. There is no edging, mowing, or fertilizing needed. A synthetic grass always looks fabulous whether it rains or shines.
Most homeowners don’t realize how much water they spend to keep their yard green. It takes time, effort and extensive use of fertilizers to weed killers for the lawn to stay in shape. We love a feel of real grass, but it doesn’t take much time to realize that beauty may not worth the hassle associated with lawn maintenance.
Saving water that decreases monthly water bills is more than a personal concern and saving our environment begins with you. The iconic dense, green lawn – part and parcel of a mystique that deeply embedded in the American psyche and its landscape – has approached the crossroads. Increasing drought, skyrocketing water prices and burgeoning social consciousness have connected to call into question not only the lawn’s continued usefulness but its increase of desirability.
The issue is passionately contradictory with science in firing both sides of the argument. Real grass supporters say that lawns not only cool the surrounding air and produce oxygen, but it also pull toxic carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Opponents bench that any before-mentioned benefit is more than offset by the lawn’s carbon footprint, At the expense of water production and transportation of fertilizers to feed it and gasoline to mow it.
The key is to be committed about your landscape, time and needs. For some people, it’s easier and less time-consuming to install artificial grass and forget about raising water bills and landscape services. No matter where you live, in a sunny California, or in coastal South Carolina. Synthetic lawn is an eco-friendly alternative that makes your life easier. Famous for sports fields, artificial grass is becoming a popular choice for homeowners across the United States.
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