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We Take Pride in What We Do

Why synthetic grass? It’s a question we get over and over – and we love it. Our products have been the backdrop of many milestones and changed thousands of lives with the true value of our product: saved time and money.

We are devoted to producing eco-friendly products and the highest quality artificial grass, for better landscaping solutions. This is what keeps us up at night. Because no one needs a lawn or backyard… but almost everyone has it. Does this mean we are simply shackled to mowing, trimming, and watering to appease the homeowner’s associations of our communities? No way. Best Artificial Grass is here to make your life easier. It’s our mission to take the work and worry away from your landscaping needs and give you perfect artificial grass products that fit your lifestyle.

Our Mission

Our mission roots from our experience, that the setting for life’s many events take place on grass but maintaining it takes you away from living. In a lifetime, traditional maintenance usually requires hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fertilizers, pesticides, and labor. If you’re not purchasing labor, you’re paying for it with your own blood, sweat, and tears. Is it really worth the toxic emissions, harmful chemicals and lost time? We don’t think so.

We are constantly innovating on blade designs and fibers with the goal of creating not only the most realistic grass experience but a 100% sustainable product, so that we can be beautifully green, inside and out.

150,000,000 Square Feet of Turf a Year

We always have what you want, that’s our guarantee. We produce high volumes of our products in response to demand, so whenever you’re ready – we are too. We ship our artificial grass across the United States and straight to your door, warehouse or construction site. We understand that the sooner you get what you need, the sooner you can get back to the things that matter most.


Never mow, water or trim your lawn again – it’s that simple when you go with artificial grass. But there’s no working around the initial prices associated with synthetic grass installation (infill, tools and labor). It’s easy to feel the pain of sticker shock off the initial price, but the data speaks for itself! Our synthetic grass stays resilient for 20 to 25 years, imagine how much money you would save with costs associated with maintenance! Need to see it to believe it? Calculate your savings now!


We are an ardent believer in responsible consumption and production, and we believe that advancements in industry technology are getting us closer to that goal every day. We invest in research that will one day make Best Artificial Grass products 100% sustainable – from our blades, thatches and backings, up to supporting the most environmentally friendly processes for synthetic grass installation. We are confident that we are close to this reality because of our commitment to technology. We currently have three patented innovations that make us a cut above the competition (pun intended) and the top synthetic grass supplier:

  • EverClean

Crafted with your pet in mind and draining at 25 gallons an hour, our EverClean technology provides the most permeability in our line of products. So your grass stays fresher, longer!

  • EverFresh

Because seeing to believe is only half the battle, we’ve taken our grass to the next level. Our EverFresh technology keeps your grass smelling real too!

  • EverCool

Our EverCool technology keeps our grass 15% cooler, so it’s resilient under the sun – no bending, bumping or puckering in the heat!

Our Best Selling Synthetic Grass Product Line:

As a leading artificial lawn supplier, we have a solution for every landscape need. But time and time again, our MegaGrass Series has been a crowd pleaser, with an artificial turf for every application, it’s been a part of neighborhoods and communities, part of playdates, pet potty breaks, and parties for the past ten years. See the MegaGrass difference:

  • MegaPlay

Designed to be as flexible as your active lifestyle. This lead-free and water permeable artificial grass mat has a foam secondary backing that makes it perfect for playgrounds, outdoor yoga and wherever you play.

See the MegaPlay series here!

  • MegaPatch

With 4x the drainage holes of regular fake turf, MegaPatch pet turf is perfect for your four-legged BFF. So they can enjoy the outdoors without the threat of toxic chemical emissions getting into their little lungs and you can enjoy the hassle-free cleanup after they ‘do their business.’

See the MegaPatch series here!

  • MegaMasters

The MegaMasters putting green is designed for high traffic and maximum functionality – whether you’re an amateur or an expert outfitting a golf club, park, or your very own background golf course.

See the MegaMasters series here!

  • MegaFresh

Full and dense face weights and a variety of blade cuts and lengths, the MegaFresh series redefines what it is to have ‘the perfect lawn’ by taking away the painstaking work and harmful chemicals associated with it.

See the MegaFresh series here!

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