Cashmere 40

The Cashmere line is the softest product on the market.

The Cashmere line is the softest product on the market. Cashmere-40 has a pile height of 1 1/2″, a face weight of 40.00 oz./yd2, and the color is two delicately blended greens with brown and green thatching into its base.

Cashmere-40 is the dream grass you’ve been waiting for soft, luscious, and very affordable. Once you feel how silky and smooth this grass is you’ll wonder why anyone still keeps the real stuff. Enjoy the indulgent texture of a product designed with all your senses in mind.

Cashmere-40 can be used for your home, your office, and any place you want to put a low maintenance high quality landscape installation. Playgrounds, daycare, and even your home office would be a perfect fit for Cashmere-40.

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Color Emerald Green and Olive Green with Brown thatching
Pile Height 1 1/2
Turf Gauge 3/8
Face Weight 40.00 oz.yd2
Backing Weight 20 oz.yd2
Total Weight 60 oz.yd2
Stitch Rate 13.5/10 cm
Stitches/m2 14175
Roll Size (feet) 15′ x 100′
Profile Diamond Blade

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