Emerald-92 Stemgrass

Emerald-92 Stemgrass Synthetic Grass Indoor/Outdoor Carpet 15 Ft Wide

Transform your thirsty, water guzzling natural grass lawn into a more beautiful, always-manicured haven and forget about all lawn maintenance fees for the next two decades. Eco-friendly, drought-tolerant, and certified by independent laboratories, Emerald-92 Stemgrass can withstand a rough wear, tear and extreme weather conditions with 20 years of projected life expectancy.

Transform your yard into the healthy, green lawn of your dreams with Emerald -92 Stemgrass! The broader blades of this turf, inspired by nature, make it ideal for pet areas, playgrounds, and landscapes with medium traffic levels. Emerald-92 Stemgrass, by Best Artificial Grass, is one of the most popular choices on the market today due to its natural look and soft blades.

Take your party outside on the lawn, your guests will enjoy walking barefoot knowing that they will only be treading on soft green blades of grass, rather than uneven dirt and rocks. With a pile height of 1 7/8″ and a face weight of 92.00 oz./yd2, Emerald-92 Stemgrass mixes Emerald Green colored blades with Brown and Green thatching to create a lush, realistic looking lawn.

This resilient turf is easy to maintain, eco-friendly, and cost effective. Yard upkeep is a breeze with Emerald 92-Stemgrass. Minimal effort is needed to clean up after pets and messes, leaving you with the best looking yard in the neighborhood!

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Color Emerald Green with Brown and Green thatching
Pile Height 1 7/8
Turf Gauge 3/8
Face Weight 92.00 oz.yd2
Backing Weight 28 oz.yd2
Total Weight 120 oz.yd2
Stitch Rate 21/10 cm
Stitches/m2 13230
Roll Size (feet) 15′ x 75′
Profile Stemgrass

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