Mt. Sierra Pro-70

Mt. Sierra Pro-70 Synthetic Grass Indoor/Outdoor Carpet 15 Ft Wide

Mt. Sierra Pro-70 is ideal for commercial and residential landscapes. If you desire to have a perfectly manicured, gorgeously looking lawn to be proud of and to eliminate monthly lawn maintenance expenses, GST Mt. Sierra Pro-70 artificial grass is the answer. 
There are many reasons, why Mt. Sierra Pro-70 synthetic grass is loved by homeowners. One of them is safety. If you have children, you want them to stay protected while enjoying benefits of a fresh air and a sun light. No more nasty splinters, or head injuries. Installing Mt. Sierra Pro-70 artificial grass significantly improves the safety of your outdoor environment.

Beautiful Mt. Sierra Pro-70, with a pile height of 1 3/4″ and a face weight of 70.00 oz./yd2, is an all-purpose turf ideal for dog runs, children’s play areas, and any landscape request. The perfect blade combination of 1/3 Lime Green and 2/3 Field Green colors with Brown and Green thatching looks natural and realistic, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial lawns.

Durable enough to withstand up to heavy foot traffic, the distinguished Mt. Sierra Pro-70, by Best Artificial Grass, is dependable enough for the busiest of commercial areas. Save money and time by not having to water daily or fix pesky brown spots.Rest assured that with the luxury of Mt. Sierra Pro-70, you won’t have to worry about the death of your grass when anyone takes a short-cut route across your lawn.

Choose Mt. Sierra Pro-70 with confidence – you will reap the benefits financially for years to come!

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Color 1/3 Lime Green and 2/3 Field Green with Brown and Green thatching
Pile Height 1 3/4
Turf Gauge 3/8
Face Weight 70.00 oz.yd2
Backing Weight 20 oz.yd2
Total Weight 90 oz.yd2
Stitch Rate 12/10 cm
Stitches/m2 12600
Roll Size (feet) 15′ x 100′

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