S Blade-90

S Blade-90 Synthetic Grass Indoor/Outdoor Carpet 15 Ft Wide

Pets love Best Artificial Grass artificial turf because it looks and feels just like real grass. They can dig at it, do their business on it, run around on it, and it'll never be dislocated or dislodged. Petowners love it because it keeps their pets entertained and requires no maintenance and the liquid wastes drain straight through.

Soft and delicate to the touch yet strong and durable under pressure, S Blade-90 is a beautiful mix of Emerald Green and Olive Green colored blades paired with both Brown and Green thatching. The special S shaped blade is designed to be heat resistant and retains its shape under heavy traffic leaving plush green grass in any season. With a pile height of 1 3/4″ and a face weight of 90.00 oz./yd2, S Blade-90 is perfect for multi-purpose landscapes including, but not limited to, dog parks, pet runs, playgrounds and residential and commercial lawns.

No matter how much time you spend in your yard, your reward for choosing S Blade – 90 will be lowered monthly maintenance bills and an enticing green lawn you can enjoy whenever the mood strikes! S Blade – 90, by Best Artificial Grass, is a clear choice for busy homeowners who do not have time, money or energy to maintain the healthy lawn that they desire. Minimal upkeep – no need to mow or water regularly – makes S Blade-90 easy on any budget!

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Color Emerald Green and Olive Green with Brown and Green thatching
Pile Height 1 3/4
Turf Gauge 3/8
Face Weight 90.00 oz.yd2
Backing Weight 20 oz.yd2
Total Weight 110 oz.yd2
Stitch Rate 14/10 cm
Stitches/m2 14700
Roll Size (feet) 15′ x 100′, 15′ x 75′
Profile S Shape Blade

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