W Blade-60

W Blade-60 Synthetic Grass Indoor/Outdoor Carpet 15 Ft Wide

What is the coolest artificial grass? What is an artificial grass that will stay cool during the summer? W Blade-60. What Fonzie is to hipness, W Blade-60 is to heat (viz. cool).

W Blade-60, with a pile height of 1 1/2″ and face weight of 60.00 oz./yd2, is ideal for all pet areas, playgrounds, and landscapes. With the KoolMax technology, the unique W blade shape diffuses light and heat creating a cooler temperature blade that is comfortable to walk on even in hotter environments. The realistic combination of blades in Emerald Green and Olive Green colors with Brown and Green thatching creates a lush beautiful setting for any of your landscape needs.

With W Blade -60 by Best Artificial Grass, you will save money throughout the year on lawn maintenance and water bills and have the lawn of your dreams. Eco-friendly and certified by independent laboratories, W Blade-60 is cooler to the touch than other turf options and safe for pets making it a clear choice for front and back yards and commercial landscaping.

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Color Emerald Green and Olive Green with Brown and Green thatching
Pile Height 1 1/2
Turf Gauge 3/8
Face Weight 60.00 oz.yd2
Backing Weight 20 oz.yd2
Total Weight 80 oz.yd2
Stitch Rate 15/10 cm
Stitches/m2 15750
Roll Size (feet) 15′ x 100′
Profile W Shape Blade

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