This bender board edging will enhance the beauty of your garden or landscape. Place this plastic bender board around your artificial grass installation, and embolden the border between the artificial grass and adjacent areas. This brown flower bed border lends order to your landscape

Enhance the look of your landscape with the appearance of natural wood in a recycled plastic benderboard. Made of 100% recycled materials. 

Size: 1” x 4” x 20′. 

Beautify your landscape with a
wood-grained benderboard edging. Global
Syn-Turf Benderboard is the most aesthetically pleasing and versatile edging
material for gardens and landscapes alike. It provides a textured, natural look
for differentiating your artificial grass installation from a raised layer of
mulch, rocks or soil. The benderboard will also block weeds and foreign plants
from growing into your artificial grass area.

·Made from 100% recycled plastic

·Provides a stout partition between mulch beds,
concrete and artificial grass

·Sturdy structure makes it resistant to weather,
fading and pets

·Suitable for straight, curved, and irregular

·Flexible and easy to install

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