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5 Myths About Natural Grass Debunked

Every generation from the baby boomers to the millennials are all too familiar with how much Americans love their grass. From the typical suburban residence to outdoor sports fields, grass is present. Since the 1960s, grass-filled front lawns have been the symbol of an American home. No other country in the world uses up as much land for grass as Americans do, and it's a culture that sees no signs of slowing down.

As much as Americans love their grass, natural grass has become a problem the past couple of years due to the drought that many areas in the United States experienced. In many cities across the United States, the local city councils have passed rules and guidelines for water conservation, which involves the use of water to irrigate outdoor grass fields. It is estimated that the average American household spends about 1/3 of their annual water consumption on irrigation, which could alternatively be conserved for human consumption instead of being used to water outdoor plants.

Artificial grass remains to be the best alternative to natural grass. Best Artificial Grass in Florida is a company dedicated to provide customers with everything they need to install artificial grass. Our interactions with our customers have made us aware that there are certain myths that many people believe about natural grass. We have compiled some of the myths that we came across natural grass in this article.

Here are 5 myths about natural grass debunked:

1. Natural grass is safe for children

Natural grass is far from being the safest surfaces where you should let your kids play. In most areas, the ground is just as hard as some hardened clay-based soil, and when wet, the soil turns into mud and gets very slippery. It's not too dangerous to the point that you should never allow your kids to play on the grass, but safer alternatives are available. Artificial grass remains to be the best choice for outdoor play areas for children. Customers can choose from a selection of artificial grass types that can be suitable for children's play areas. Some types of artificial grass feature softer infills which could cushion the fall of a toddler to avoid injuries.

2. Natural grass can grow anywhere

This myth probably originated from the idea that since weed grow everywhere, grass should too, right? Wrong. Bermuda grass, the most common grass used by Americans, is hardly local - which means that you would need to adjust to its needs for it to stay healthy. There aren't many grass types local to Florida, but with the increasing heat and drought, you would need twice as much water, more fertilizer, and more pesticides compared to grass grown in places where native garden grass grows.

3. Natural grass saves you money in the long run

Let's put it out there - everyone knows that the best artificial grass in Florida is more expensive than native natural grass, but which of the two gives you more value in the long run? Natural grass needs more than just water - it requires consistent maintenance through mowing, fertilizers, pesticides, weeding. You would also need to spend heavily on equipment such as lawn mowers, garden spray hoses, irrigation timers, and of course - WATER. Add that to the total annual cost over 10 years (the standard warranty of artificial grass) and you would have spent far too much than what you have originally planned to.

4. Natural grass is a great investment

Some property flippers apparently think that installing natural grass on a property somehow makes it more expensive. If you are comparing between properties with bare lawns to properties with natural grass lawns, then yes. However, it's not the best investment choice for property flippers. The best artificial grass in Florida is used by property flippers to increase the value of their property without spending too much on maintenance. You can't really tell how long before you get to sell your property, but while the property sits on the market, the investor shells out heavily on maintenance. Plus, having the best artificial grass in Florida is a huge selling point for buyers, as it greatly reduces their monthly maintenance expenses on the property.

5. Natural grass is environment-friendly

An organic plant should be environment-friendly, right? Wrong. Considering everything that people use to make grass healthy, it's increasingly becoming a threat to the environment. Millions of gallons of clean water are wasted annually to water grass. Petrol is used to mow the lawn - and the worst of all - pesticides and fertilizers could seep into the soil and contaminate the groundwater. Artificial grass, on the other hand, uses one of the toughest materials to recycle - rubber, as the infill. Considering all of its effects to the environment, being natural does more harm than good.

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