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5 Reasons Why Residents Prefer Artificial Turf in Phoenix

If you haven't been to Phoenix before, you'd be surprised at how green its neighborhoods are. People from outside Phoenix think that the hot and dry climate of Phoenix is the kind of climate that could only grow native cacti, there's a surprisingly diverse plant ecosystem in Phoenix that residents enjoy.

Phoenix has a subtropical desert climate. There's only a select number of plant species that can grow in the hot and sunny Phoenix climate, and that includes - you guessed it - cactus. Even so, with the help of sufficient irrigation in the area, Phoenix residents were able to import plants, such as natural turf that grows naturally in cooler areas.

Growing foreign plants in areas with harsh climates such as Phoenix requires an extensive effort to compensate for the difference in the natural habitat of the foreign plant. Natural grass grows in areas that receive precipitation, and residents in Phoenix would need to match the same conditions in order to make grass grow.

Thankfully, there is a better way to achieve a luscious green turf without the hassle of growing natural grass. A growing number of Phoenix residents are now turning to artificial turf to decorate their lawns.

Here are 5 reasons why residents prefer artificial turf in Phoenix:

1. Artificial turf is DURABLE

When was the last time you were really able to use your lawn area for other activities? Time to take the KEEP OFF THE GRASS sign off and enjoy your lawn area! Artificial turf is made from a combination of realistic plastic leaf blades with rubber infills. With artificial grass, you can maximize your outdoor space without thinking about the damage that foot traffic would make to your lawn!

2. Artificial turf is child-friendly

When was the last time you let your kids play rough in the grass? In addition to maximizing your outdoor spaces, you can also turn your lawn into a safe play area for your children with the use of artificial turf. A special kind of artificial turf can be used to increase cushion for added safety for children.

3. Artificial turf is affordable to maintain

While natural grass is more affordable to purchase, the cost to maintain is definitely much more expensive than artificial turf. Maintaining natural grass requires pesticide, fertilizer, petrol, lawn care equipment, water, and of course - hours and hours of work. Given the harsh climate conditions in Phoenix, maintaining grass is even harder to accomplish. Grass in Phoenix requires fertilizer, regular mowing, and more water compared to the same variant in a different state. Natural grass also need to be cycled between Bermuda grass during summer, and Rye grass during winter. With artificial turf, you get beautiful green grass all-year-long without the hassle of irrigation, lawn mowing, fertilizers, and pesticides.

4. Artificial turf stays pristine all-year-long

Don't you just hate it when you get brown patches in your turf? Fixing brown patches could take weeks or even months, and sometimes blemishes on your yard grow bigger for no apparent reason. With artificial turf, you would not have to worry about that at all. Artificial grass stays green all year long no matter the weather and the maintenance you do.

5. Artificial turf fits perfectly in landscape design

In a city as populated as Phoenix, many houses appear to look the same. Without anything short of radical, your property would not be noticed by others without giving it a second look. Landscape designers love artificial turf because it fits seamlessly into any design that they come up with. It's definitely lighter and more stable than natural grass, which allows it to be incorporated into many designs that feature sharp cuts and curves, which would definitely capture the attention of anyone who looks at your property.

Artificial turf in Phoenix is not just a hit among residents, but also among real estate investors. As the popularity of artificial turf in Phoenix grows, the value of properties that feature artificial grass grows as well. Properties with artificial grass are oftentimes preferred by buyers, even with the added premium cost because of the artificial turf installation. Real estate investors and property flippers understand that adding artificial turf to a property increases its value and desirability to individuals looking for properties in Phoenix.

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