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5 Things you Should Know Before Installing your Best Artificial Grass in San Diego

The water "crisis" in California has been a favorite subject for the past years. The population growth, drought caused by El Nino, and "historical over-drafting of the water resources" has resulted in the basic problem of demand for water exceeding supply. California, particularly San Diego is essentially a desert. Summer months have been extended and the rains are a few and far between.

Because of this heightened awareness for the urgent need for water conservation, more and more residents of San Diego are looking for ways to save water.

Take for example, California American Water customers have reported that in response to the call of the government to reduce water consumption, 9 billion gallons of water from June 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016 have been saved!

There are statewide restrictions in place that include among others schedules for sprinkler use for residences and the mandatory ban on watering oflawns 48 hours after rainfall. The restriction also bans the watering of ornamental grass on public medians!

Measures like these point to the fact that maintaining natural grass is not only bad for the environment but very costly in the long run as well. The government is strictly enforcing regulation to limit water use for public landscapes.

Best Artificial Grass in San Diego offers the best alternative to having natural grass in your backyard, sports stadium or public parks. Recently there has been an increase in homeowners who have made the wise choice!

But before you make the big switch to artificial grass, you must ask yourself these 5 basic questions:

1. How much is your budget?

At Best Artificial Grass in San Diego, there are over 70 different types of grass to choose from. One must determine how much you are willing to spend for a project like this.

Each type of grass has its own specific purpose and look. Your budget will help you determine what type of grass you will have installed.

However, keep in mind that whatever type of grass you decide, you must consider that the cost is just a one-time fee. Your initial investment is probably the only cost you will ever have because Best Artificial Grass in San Diego is virtually maintenance-free. There are no monthly recurring expenses to maintain your grass. Since it is synthetic, it requires no watering, no cutting, and no fertilizing.

2. What is your main use for your grass?

Do you have pets? If you do, there is a specific line of grass that is pet-friendly. The key there is the technology used for the draining of liquids. Best Artificial Grass in San Diego uses FLO-RITE-THRU Technology that lets liquids drain straight through ensuring an odor-free, clean and safe environment for your furry pals.

You also don't have to worry about your pets being muddy, dirty and wet after playing in your garden.

If you are the golf-addict homeowner who would like to practice your putting skills in the comforts of your own home, Best Artificial Grass in San Diego has the perfect grass type for you! If you are soccer fan, there are grass types that can survive your soccer cleats.

For those who just want a landscape that's ornamental and beautiful to look at all year round, the varieties to choose from are as varied as the tea from China.

3. What accessories does one need to install and maintain artificial grass?

The installation of artificial grass usually includes all the accessories to complete the task. These includes turf glue, turf staples, bender boards, organic infill and lawn pads to name a few. They also even have artificial green sand to complete the look!

However, while these artificial grass require zero-maintenance there is an accessory worth buying to enhance the overall experience. Best Artificial Grass of San Diego offers the Fresh Cut spray. It captures the freshness of freshly cut grass. Anytime you want it.

4. What look do you want to achieve for your lawn?

If you think one grass is the same as the other, think again! Technically speaking, there are differences in pile height, face weight, cut, color, color combination and even heat absorption capacity.

You might want to bring a picture of the natural grass version that you want for your backyard. Best Artificial Grass in San Diego can find a perfect match for you.

5. How long is the warranty offered?

Not all companies that sell artificial grass offer the same warranty. Some offer only 5 years. The better ones offer up to 10 years! Be sure to ask about the company's policy on warranty, including the coverage before signing up for installation.

Now, armed with these tips you are ready to make the switch. Visit Best Artificial Grass in San Diego. Check their website Best Artificial Grass or give them a call today! (877) 796-8873

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