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An Environmentally Friendly Alternative For Your Artificial Turf in Dallas

At this point in the world's history there is much ado about global warming. Flooding in places where this was not experienced before have been recorded. And on the other hand, prolonged seasons without enough rain has resulted in huge losses to the agricultural sector. Many of us have experienced first-hand the wrath of Mother Nature. Most of these changes in the ecosystem are said to be man-made.

And because the future belongs to our children, we need to do our part in saving our world. Their world. NOW!

Just this century, the state of Texas has gone from severe drought to relief to extreme flooding to drought again in 2007-2008. It happened again in 2010, according to statistics compiled by

The Drought Monitor analysis in the past 15 years shows that there was an unprecedented shift from drought to flood to drought again all within a span of about five months like what has occurred in 2015.

Given that widespread drought has affected many parts of the America, including Texas, we need to be more mindful every time we turn on the tap. A lot of water is used to water lawns in homes and commercial establishments. Behind every good landscaping and competition-worthy sports arena is a grass maintenance routine involving a lot of time and water.

Thankfully, Artificial Turf is very much available. Artificial grass or artificial turf is eco friendly. And the best artificial grass can be found here in Dallas, Texas. Here are 3 reasons why using artificial grass can help save the world.

1. Water savings

Take for example the conservation of water. Did you know that in the entire United States, statistics reveal that in order to maintain its landscape, a total of 9 billion gallons per day is used. That's 1/3 of all the water used by residences.

2. Pesticide Free

Which brings us to the other reason why you should switch.

You work so hard and you want to come home to your own private oasis. As a homeowner, you really want the best for your house and your garden. But the monetary cost of maintaining a good landscape is not the only thing one must consider. There is a heightened awareness for all things organic. But in order to keep pests away from your greens this can only be achieved with the use of pesticides.

With artificial grass, you wouldn't need to spray pesticides to keep your grass verdant green!

Philip Landrigan, dean for global health and professor of pediatrics at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York said, people are not aware of the hazards that the unthinking use of pesticides poses to their children.

Children receive much higher exposures to these chemicals than adults do, just through normal daily activity, Landrigan says. Because children are growing quickly, "they take into their bodies more of the pesticides that are in the food, water and air," he says. "They also roll around in the grass and put their fingers in their mouths, which greatly increases exposure."

Having artificial grass means you will never have to use these dangerous chemicals on your lawn. As parents we really need to go the extra mile to make sure our children are safe.

Aside from the benefits to the environment, you can also enjoy extra me-time.

Instead of mowing the lawn you can just sit back and enjoy your new extra time. You skip having to water and cut the grass. Add to this, you don't have to sweep the cut grass after.

If you hire a professional to maintain your landscape, this is direct savings for you. This also allows gives you more time to do other things with your family. Like play and roll on your perfect grass. Every day of the year! Virtually maintenance-free!

Clean, well-manicured lawn all year round, no matter the weather is possible. What is good about this is that while you are enjoying your beautiful landscape, or enjoying a game in the neighborhood sports field, you know that you have contributed in savings water by using the best artificial grass there is.

3. Less smog-forming emission

Most grass mowers are powered by gas. The sound of these mechanical beasts can be quite irritating. Not just hazardous to the eardrums, these mowers emit a lot of smog-forming emissions. In a study conducted by Sweden's Stockholm University in the early 2000's say that an "hour's worth of mowing resulted in the same amount of smog-forming emissions as driving a car 93 miles"!

The good news is with Artificial Turf in Dallas, residents can know get rid of those bulky mowers.

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