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Do's and Dont's for your Artificial Turf In San Diego

While it is true that Artificial Turf, or artificial grass is virtually maintenance-free, understand that this is because that by virtue of it being synthetic, the grass will never grow.

And if the grass will never grow, you will never have to mow or cut them. You will never have to water or fertilize them. Never! Ever! In the past year or so, Artificial Turf in San Diego has made more and more people in San Diego give up their lawn mowers. They are now enjoying their pristine garden 24/7.

Truth be told, artificial grass will need some care, albeit minimal if you want to make the most out of your investment. I say investment because it is a one-time expense, with benefits that will last a very long long time. The Best Artificial Grass in San Diego in fact will last you 10 years! At the very least. And that is why they are giving a 10 year warranty!

Think of your artificial grass as something similar to the flooring inside your home. Be it hard-wood flooring, marble, carpet or tiles, your artificial grass will still need a bit of care just to make sure that it is clean and free from dust and bacteria.

Trading in your lawn mower, water hose and even your rain boots for simple tools is a no-brainer. Occasional washing and dusting is peanuts compared to regularly, and frequently having to tend to your natural grass.

To be able to maximize the benefits of artificial grass, we have compiled a concise list of the Do's and Dont's for your Artificial Grass at home:


1. Keep your leaf blower and rake. You will still need these to make things a whole lot easier for you. These are inexpensive tools that will make cleaning your artificial grass easy as pie!

2. Once in awhile you will need to clear your artificial grass of surface debris like leaves in order to keep your grass clean. You may have artificial grass but the trees and plants around your lawn will most like be real. These real plants will have falling leaves. Those you need to clear. They won't disappear like magic.

3. Clean the artificial turf on a regular basis to avoid dust accumulation. Some say that cleaning your grass once every three months is enough depending of course on your use.

If you have pets, you need to clean the artificial grass more often. It will also depend on the weather. This will depend on whether you live in a dusty place like a desert or in a place where it snows. But practically speaking, dust accumulation is easy to clean.

4. For general cleaning, you may wash your entire lawn with mild soap and water. Then you can just let the grass out to dry.


1. Don't worry about the heat. Some worry that the artificial grass will absorb heat and increase the temperature of your surroundings. What is nice about Best Artificial Grass in San Diego is that it has a technology called Kool Max which guarantees to "dissipate heat buildup and reduce fiber emissivity" by around 15% compared to similar products.

2. Don't use abrasive cleaners or chemicals on your artificial turf. Most artificial turf in San Diego are stain-resistant. But a stain is a stain. And stains need to be cleaned. But stains and spills on artificial turf are easier to clean. Spills can best be cleaned by just plain mild soap and water. A popular but effective home remedy of mixing one half vinegar and one half water will go a long way in keeping your artificial grass bacteria free.

3. Do not let spills linger. These spills are easiest to take out when they are still in liquid form. For tough stains like bubble gum, immediately remove it.

4. Do not use a griller on top of your artificial grass. It is possible for grass burns to occur due to smoldering charcoal from grills or fire pits. The best way to avoid these accidents is to keep the area for grilling away from the artificial grass.

But if an accident happens, do not worry. Call Best Artificial Grass, the authority in artificial turf in San Diego.They can easily repair the damage.

There really isn't a lot of precautions to keep in mind when taking care of artificial grass. The benefits of switching from natural grass to artificial grass are immeasurable. The very time you save, and the water that does not go to waste will not make you think twice about signing up with the best artificial turf supplier. At Best Artificial Grass in San Diego, they will take care of all your artificial grass requirements. They have over 70 grass types to choose from.

Call them today at (877) 796-8873 or visit their website.

Go with the best. Go with Best Artificial Grass in San Diego!

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