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The REAL Cost of Keeping Grass Green in Phoenix

Maintaining healthy, green grass is a major struggle for homeowners everywhere. The cost to maintain green grass has shot up exponentially since 2011, when drought in many areas started, and still continues up to the present time. The resources used to maintain lawns have also been limited due to the drought - so much that the local government in many areas have implemented guidelines on how to conserve water for irrigation purposes.

Grass maintenance is even more of a problem for people living in extremely dry areas, such as Phoenix. Arizona is currently experiencing one of the driest seasons on record, and the drought is greatly affecting the quality of green grass in Phoenix and in other cities.

Phoenix has a subtropical desert climate, which by nature is supposed to be inhabitable for green grass to grow. However, with extensive irrigation, fertilizers, and pesticides, grass types such as Bermuda grass and Rye grass could be grown in Phoenix. The city offers one of the harshest environments for green grass to grow. Phoenix has long, extremely hot summers, and it also has the hottest average high temperatures of any major city in the United States. These conditions only affect the viability of green grass to grow in Phoenix, and while it is still possible to maintain healthy grass in Phoenix, the climate in the area should give you an idea of what it takes to keep the grass healthy all-year-round.

Expensive preservation and maintenance for non-native grass

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is one of the most resilient types of grass against dry and hot climates, which makes it one of the top choices for Phoenix residents. Bermuda grass can survive in the harsh Phoenix climate provided that it is given ample water throughout its life cycle. Typically, Bermuda grass only needs to be watered every three days, but due to the intense heat and drought that the area is experiencing, it is recommended to water Bermuda grass at least once every two days, and even more frequent if you are using fertilizers. The heat tends to dry the soil out during the day, so water your grass early in the morning, or at night to allow the soil to soak up the water. Given the intense heat, there's really no way to tell if the soil is still damp after a long, hot day, other than to drive a piece of stick or rod to the ground to see if it goes in at least 6 inches without much trouble. If not, you should water your grass again to prevent it from drying out. Bermuda grass typically enters a dormant period during the winter, where it becomes dormant. Some Phoenix residents choose to take this opportunity and plant Rye grass, which makes for a nice, winter grass.

Rye Grass

Rye grass is typically grown in Phoenix during winter, when Bermuda grass becomes dormant. Rye grass cannot survive in the intense Phoenix summer heat, and it needs to be replanted every fall, typically between the second and third week of October. Rye grass is typically overseeded with dormant Bermuda grass. Water Rye grass every 3-5 days, during nighttime. Rye grass quickly dies out as soon as the climate warms again to more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, typically at the time of the year when Bermuda grass starts to grow again.

Key points:

1. Water Bermuda grass every two days, preferably at night or early in the morning.

2. Increase watering intervals when using fertilizer

3. Check soil moisture every day

4. (optional) seed with Rye grass during winter

5. Water Rye grass every 3-5 days

Best Artificial Grass in Phoenix

Artificial grass is arguably the best choice for homeowners and businesses in Phoenix. The maintenance for natural grass lawns cost households thousands of dollars every year for fertilizer, pesticide, irrigation, lawn equipment and the hours spent taking care of the lawn. The best artificial grass in Phoenix is the lawn fixture of choice for homeowners and businesses alike as it does not need as much care and maintenance as natural grass does, and it stays green all-year-long. Artificial grass is quickly gaining popularity as more and more homeowners and businesses realize that the best artificial grass in Phoenix is the practical solution for their lawn needs.

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