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Top Landscaping Trends of 2016

Contractors and landscape architects had their hands full for the last 5 years, as growth in the domestic housing and property markets have led to greater demand for landscaping services. The annual growth of the landscaping market for the last 5 years had been a steady 3.9% with a revenue of $78bn. 2015 marked the highest annual revenue for the landscaping market over the last 5 years, and the outlook for 2016 is projected to go up by as much as 30% more based on the most optimistic market forecast.

The demand for landscaping services is projected to increase not only because of the healthy real estate market; current climate conditions have also affected the landscaping market in a positive way. The drastic change in climate conditions have prompted homeowners and businesses to choose alternative landscaping options such as native plants and artificial grass. Florida native plants and artificial grass are popular alternative options to traditional garden plants and natural grass due to their survivability and durability.

The intense drought that affected various parts of the state has dramatically increased the sales of the best artificial grass in Florida as the northeastern and southern regions of Florida occasionally experience moderate to extreme periods of drought. The change in the demand brings a new wave of landscaping trends that are not only stylish, but practical.

See the top landscaping trends of 2016 in the list below:

1. Indoor landscaping

Artificial grass has been around for decades and it has never been as in-demand as it is right now, but with the increasing number of homeowners and businesses that use artificial grass for their outdoor landscaping projects, people have become more accustomed to the synthetic alternatives. Landscape designers now have more flexibility with their indoor fixtures by integrating the best artificial grass in Florida to create stunning indoor landscape design. Artificial grass and synthetic plants weigh considerably less than their organic counterparts and thus it gives landscape designers and contractors more flexibility when creating designs and installing indoor fixtures.

2. Multi-function outdoor areas

Back in the day, lawns had very little use for the household. Lawns are used sparingly for outdoor activities, but were never meant to be used on a regular basis, since grass and other plants could be easily damaged with foot traffic. The fragile nature of organic plants are always considered by landscape architects and contractors and could easily be an eyesore if the plants were to wilt and die. The best artificial grass in Florida gives homeowners and businesses more utility for their outdoor areas with high-grade, durable artificial grass. Outdoor areas can be converted into outdoor play areas for kids and pets, and a place where businesses can entertain and interact with their customers.

3. Low-maintenance, high-value options

Real estate clients are consistent markets for landscape architects and contractors. With property turnover at such a high rate, real estate 'flippers' have such a high demand for low-maintenance and high-value landscaping options. Real estate 'flipping' is all about buying low and selling high - at a relatively low maintenance cost. Some properties may be on the market for weeks and months, and during that time, realtors would spend time and money maintaining the landscape, which would be taken out of their bottom line. Realtors understand the problem, and that's why many realtors opt to use artificial grass instead of natural grass to keep maintenance costs down. Artificial grass is also an easy selling point to the new generation of millennial buyers that opt for properties that offer sustainable living.

4. Traditional design

This year, we've seen a revival of the traditional American lawn design. In the recent years, the drought had altered the way households maintain their lawns. In drought-affected areas, residents are left with the choice to spend heavily on maintenance, or change their grass to native, low-maintenance plants or artificial grass. As many households switch to artificial grass, the traditional American lawn design is being revived - a wide stretch of land covered in grass, intended to cover the rest of the outdoor land area. Artificial grass gives the landscape a traditional, nostalgic presentation without the back-breaking maintenance that the traditional American lawns had back in the day.

5. Radical landscape design

With new homeowners looking to stand out in their neighborhood, radical designs are now sought after. Through the use of alternative materials such as artificial grass and plants, landscape designers have more flexibility in coming up with radical landscape designs that blend different elements seamlessly into an outdoor, functional canvas.

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